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How To Get A Good Auto Insurance Comparison

car-316709_640Getting a good auto insurance comparison is not as difficult as it might seem if you are aware of some good sources of information and a way to make the information make sense.

1. Use online price comparison tools. There are plenty of car insurance websites online where you can plug in your information and get accurate quotes. Be sure that you use the same information that is contained in your current policy that is shown on the declaration page. This page illustrates what your deductibles are, your liability amounts and the damage and personal injury amounts.

You will get a pretty good idea from this exercise what companies are competitive with your current policy.

2. Look for discounted rates. Go to the websites of some of the more visible companies, those that you see advertised more often. Here you want to see what discounts these companies have available. It will be readily available when you go to these sites because they will be listed on the website. Enter your information and compare these results with the previous general results you received before.

Discounts are offered for a variety of things such as accident free driving for a number of years, low driving mileage, driving only for personal use with no business use and sometimes for belonging to certain organizations. A discount or two against the premium that you have to pay can significantly lower your premium so it is definitely worth looking into.

3. Speak with an insurance agent. The next strategic move in getting a good auto insurance comparison is to contact a local independent agent. Many times the independent auto insurance agencies will have companies that they deal with that are off the radar from the usual group of companies we are familiar with, and they can sometimes be very competitive.

Once all of these exercises are completed, you will have a very good idea of what is competitive and what is not.